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Power Up With Your 12 Powers

Posted by janelovas@gmail.com on February 8, 2018
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Imagine being able to live life more fully, more consciously, more masterfully. That is how the book “Power Up” begins, and then explains just how to do that using the twelve spiritual powers as outlined by Unity founder Charles Fillmore.  The twelve powers represent a central Unity teaching.  Each is represented by one of the twelve apostles. The point isn’t to memorize them but to understand how they are already at work in our lives—and

Many Paths to Spirit – Buddhist Ideas in Unity

Posted by janelovas@gmail.com on January 18, 2018
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Some people who are new to Unity quickly perceive a kind of Buddhist overlay to Unity’s Christian teachings.  One person said that Unity seems, at times, like Buddhist teachings in Christian clothing.   Like many other spiritual traditions, Unity believes there are many paths to our single Source, which some call God.  We believe the Bible is a sacred text, among many others.  Jesus is an inspiring example – and so is the Buddha.  

What is Your Name (Nature?)

Posted by janelovas@gmail.com on January 11, 2018
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Words have power. They reflect – and magnify – our perspective and our attitude.   Likewise, names have power. To name something is to describe its nature.   The New Year is a good time to consider what new name you might want to claim to reflect your spiritual nature. You don’t need to do an Internet search about it.  All you have to do is listen for it.   Last Sunday, Molly Lynch led

Now is the Time for a New Beginning

Posted by janelovas@gmail.com on January 3, 2018
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Last year was a troubled one in our country, as a tone of divisiveness seemed to overtake a desire for unity.  Some of us had to work harder to remember that every challenge brings spiritual opportunity!   But as we know, appearances can be deceiving.  A spirit of unity is also alive and well.   Every year since 1986, millions of people across the U.S. and the world recite the same prayer at the same

Release and Make Room for New

Posted by janelovas@gmail.com on December 27, 2017
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The New Year often triggers a review and reassessment of our life’s habits and direction.  Some of us review our closets, eating habits, or relationships.  Perhaps the most important habits to review are our mental and emotional ones, for they underlie all others.  They are the stones of our spiritual path.   Unity Spiritual Center of Springfield hosts an annual burning bowl service at the end of the year to facilitate this action of release